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Well, autumn is coming, and with it, pumpkin beers. Schlafly is a St. Louis brewery with some reach out here in the Northeast, at least courtesy of the excellent Oak Tree Buy-Rite liquor store, a local haven for beer enthusiasts.

So, let's get down to brass tacks. This is not a super strong beer, at 8.0% alcohol content, so there's no real alcohol note that could overpower the added spices. This is a fairly flavorful pumpkin ale, more reminiscent of pumpkin pie than Just Plain Pumpkin. There's a prominent note of cinnamon and nutmeg, with a smooth backing of pumpkin and cloves.

It's not the most pumpkin-y offering this season, and I think it's more of a dessert beer, but if you like pumpkin pie, and are on the fence about pumpkin beers, this is a good start.

3/5 stars, but keep in mind that I'm picky about my pumpkins.

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Oh yeah...

I'm working again. 2 1/2 weeks now.
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So, the ending to Heroes last night.


(Let's assume that any comments may be filled with spoilers.)


Mar. 21st, 2009 01:58 pm
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All I'm saying is that Ron Moore should have written the Voyager finale. There's something to be said about addressing the *end* of the story, as opposed to just blowing the FX budget and going home.
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I love mead. Meady mead mead.
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Bus driver fined after fatal motorcycle collision 

"Judge M. Allen refused a crown request to suspend Annie Stenbeck's licence for three months, saying she would lose her job and her only livelihood if he did. "


"Allen noted that had Delano been in a truck or a car rather than riding a motorcycle, the collision would likely have resulted in a fender-bender rather than a fatality."

Really?  Now it's the motorcyclist's fault for not having a ton and change of roll cage around him when some other dipshit can't be bothered to look both ways before proceeding?
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- Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida were thought to be key states for Obama.  If he won any one of them, he'd have the election in the bag.  As usual, this makes me question the effectiveness of the popular vote beyond the occasional spoiler or justification for third-party funding.
- While Obama seems to have won all three, he didn't need *any of them* this time around.  (Yes, he would have won by all of two electoral votes, but a win's a win.)
- Prop 8 passed.  WTF?
- Now what?  Sure, we're likely to have some significant policy changes, but at the end of the day, there's a huge mess to clean up, a lot of which is tied into personal responsibility.  You can't legislate people out of being stupid.
- I can't be the only one worried about a disproportionately high number of assassination attempts.
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And flew back with my fiancée.

(My girlfriend is going to be pissed.)

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So, I'm losing my static IP address.  Since changing it means re-memorizing a 9-digit string that I've had stuck in my head since 2001, this is a Bad Thing, and I'm not all *that* loyal to my current DSL carrier.  (In fact, when I can get FiOS, it's Game Over, man.)

What I need, as a result, is a FreeBSD Virtual Private Server.  Of course, all of the shops providing that tell me that they don't cheap out.  If I use their service, I get "dedicated" high-performance CPU reservations, and a "guaranteed" 1GB+ of RAM, along with top-tier performance on an enterprise-grade storage array, unlike "those other guys."

Listen, pals.  I'm trying to migrate a server that's currently running on a cut-rate desktop with a 5-year old CPU, a slow-as-shit desktop hard drive, and 256 MB of RAM.  Stop telling me that you're not like all those other providers, and POINT ME TO ONE OF THE OTHER PROVIDERS.

Seriously, I don't need performance, I need a sandbox, a few dozen gigs of cheap storage, and no goddamned questions.  Why that's apparently so much to ask for, I don't know.

Good boy...

Apr. 4th, 2008 10:14 pm
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Work was hell, still working on a DB issue, but the Tivo was set up with an hour to spare.  God bless broadband!

He's just sitting under the cable box now, recording Galactica.
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Last night, Jenny came to me with some disturbing news.  An old, dear friend of ours was not long for this world.  Our loyal servant, a faithful companion who has been with me through five homes, and four moves, is now nearing his last breath.

Back on May 22nd, 2001, my Tivo was first activated, and changed how I watch TV forever.  No more did I rush home in the hopes of catching the latest episode of my favorite TV show.  No longer did I miss shows because I was working late, or sleeping in.  The Saturday mornings of my youth were reborn as Saturday afternoons.

Of course, I knew this day was coming.  The Series 2 Tivos were tempting, but I decided to go on with my faithful Sony Series 1 Tivo, knowing that it provided what I needed, at the very least.  Sure, it needed a phone line to grab guide data.  Sure, the encoder occasionally glitched out and demanded a full reboot.  These things happen, I figured.  Eventually, sometime last year, the onboard modem failed.  Undaunted, I hooked up an external modem to the serial port and coaxed back into working.  (Yes, I still HAD my old 56k Sportster.)  All was well, aside from the need to reprogram the modem itself in the event of a power failure.

Last night, though, we turned on the TV to be welcomed by glitchy video, an unusably slow menu system, and a lack of response to 50% of the remote commands.  After a couple of reboots, we decided that it was time to let the Tivo go to that great hardware pile in the sky, and I reluctantly ordered a replacement Series 2 unit, which should arrive on Friday.

It's not going to be the same.  The remotes are different, I'll have to reprogram the season passes, and it'll go back to recommending every cartoon on the planet for the first few weeks.  It'll grab everything on Food Network and the Travel Channel, and it might even mistakenly bring home a rerun of Mind of Mencia, since Tivo doesn't understand the difference between good comedy and badly stolen comedy.  It may even decide to start grabbing the campiest Sci-Fi imaginable, all based on me watching a single episode of Doctor Who.

It's not going to be the same, but I'll learn to live with it.


Jan. 24th, 2008 03:58 pm
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If I have an object that wraps around my head, covers my ears, has a few buttons on the sides, and is communicating wirelessly with four devices at once, I'm pretty sure that at some point, I managed to become a parody of myself AND of Star Wars.

Just sayin'. 
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 Dear Apple,


Thank you.
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Every so often, I have the urge to rant, nay, outright bitch about the current state of technology.  This is one of those days.  I've had more than my fair share of gadgets, as most people realize, and at the end of the day, each and every one of them sucked, usually for all the same reasons:  The software.

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(Have I used that title before?  Whatever.)

So, Botcon falls on the same weekend as a friend's wedding.

Barring some massive logistical miracle, the toy robots have lost this battle. 
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Okay, so I just handed up a proposal that brought the IT budget to just a hair under $300,000.

Per year.

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Gabe, are you still coming to New York this weekend?

I ask because Jenny's also celebrating her birthday, and so dinner and drinks are pretty likely in both cases. Might as well get everyone together in one place, right?



Jul. 5th, 2007 04:44 pm
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Dear God, it tastes EXACTLY like Big Mac.
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Yeah, yeah, I already saw it. I'm keeping quiet until Monday, at the least, at which point the spoilergloves are off.

That said, does anyone else want to see it this weekend?

Home safe.

Jul. 2nd, 2007 07:15 pm
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